Can I be released from the Tenancy Agreement?

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We understand people’s circumstances may change and you may need to know what to do if you would like to be released from your tenancy agreement.

As there is no break or buyout clause in the tenancy agreement each set of circumstances are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by your landlord. In most circumstances your landlord would be able to allow you to be released from the contract if you can find a suitable replacement person to take over your place in the tenancy agreement.

If your Landlord agrees to a variation to the tenancy agreement by way of a replacement tenant, we will send a detailed document to all tenants which confirms you understand your obligations and confirms permission of all other tenant’s party to the agreement that they agree for changes to be made to the tenancy. Here is an example of the document.

We usually find where effort is made in advertising the property by you, your housemates and Cloud Lettings, most people in a similar position have been successful in finding someone, but this is not guaranteed and if a replacement is not found, you will remain liable under the terms of the signed tenancy agreement. Your exit from the tenancy agreement will always be agreed in writing by signing a legal document called a Deed of Surrender, you should not consider any other form of communication or documents as confirmation of your exit.  

When you know that you would like to take the matter forward please contact the office so we can initiate the process.  

How do I advertise my accommodation?

There are many avenues available to you, some free of charge particularly within the University, and others where payment is due for upgrading with a better reach;  

With permission you may consider putting up a poster in the University accommodation office and perhaps a poster in your current halls or property front window. 

Advertise on Facebook. This is a great avenue for free advertisement, you should consider sharing a post and asking as many of your friends to share and pass the message along. Also sharing your post within relevant groups such as ‘Overheard at University of Lincoln’ 

Place an advert on (Making clear it is student accommodation)

We will also advertise the available room on our own website and Rightmove.

If you need any marketing material from us for your advert, please contact us and we will send this to you.

What happens when I find a replacement tenant?

Supply their name and email address to

We will contact the applicant and they will be assessed for their suitability for the accommodation. For any properties that have been rented to a group of students, unless otherwise agreed, it’s expected that the replacement is an enrolled student and can fulfil the exact terms of the orignal tenancy agreement, specifically payment terms, tenancy length and guarantor requirements.

When the new applicant has been agreed in principle there is a variation of contract or letting fee due which will be confirmed to you in writting. Usually if it is one tenant within a joint agreement the fee is £50.00 including VAT. If the whole property is relet the fee is dependent on the size of the property, from £90.00 - £330.00 including VAT.

Once the fee has been paid the new tenancy agreement will be drawn up and sent for everyone to sign. Please note, new paperwork will not be drawn up until the fee has been received, delay in payment will delay confirmation of your release.

What happens if I’m already living at the property?

The process is still the same as the above with some extra conditions to consider;

The Landlord can only agree your release if your rental payments are up to date, or you have agreed a payment plan.

There can be no break in the rent due between you and the new agreement therefore you must pay the rent due up to the new tenancy agreement start date, irrespective of whether you reside at the property or not. This will include a 4-day period where the property is available for inspection and works to be carried out ready for the new tenant.

The property will be subject to an end of tenancy inspection to confirm that the property has been returned as it was at the commencement of the tenancy and that there are no breaches of the Tenancy Agreement. Reasonable costs will be mutually agreed upon any breach or resolved under the terms of the Deposit Scheme. Ideally you will be present for this inspection appointment.

If you wish to discuss the above in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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