Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

In response to some confusing guidance we've seen shared, we have compiled some frequently asked questions in the hopes of providing some clarity.

Q. We were initially advised to return home and leave our student accommodation – was this correct?

A. No. It is our understanding that this statement by the University was retracted and updated to read - “The Government’s advice is that students remaining at university, in England, should now stay where they are and not attempt to travel. If they are living in student halls, or private rented accommodation, they should remain there and stay indoors while current restrictions are in force.”

Q. Are we still required to pay our remaining instalment of rent if we have left the property early?

A. On behalf of our Landlords, it is our duty to make you aware that the contract signed at the beginning of the tenancy will be in place for the agreed term and outstanding rent needs to be paid as per the tenancy agreement.

If you anticipate any difficulties paying your remaining rent due to loss of income or change in working status, please get in touch with one of the team and we will do all we can to help you.

Q. We were advised to ask for a rent holiday – is that possible?

A. Unfortunately, we weren’t approached to be part of a coordinated response, and as a result, we feel that some of the advice you have received has been irresponsible and confusing.

Whilst we understand the University has waivered the final terms' accommodation cost for all students in its own managed accommodation - Cloud Lettings’ landlords are not in the same position as the University and many rely on the payment of rent as the income for their family.

Q. What can be done?

A. Our priority is to help everyone who needs assistance, but as we do not own the properties you live in any financial decisions are made by your Landlord and not by Cloud Lettings - Landlords, who rely on the payment of rent as the income for their family.

We are doing our utmost to provide up-to-date guidance, useful links to professional support, and will happily liaise on your behalf with your landlord if you are unable to pay your rent due to a change in your financial status. In order to do this, please do get in touch with us in the first instance. 

Q. Is there any way of getting a discount?

A. We are in talks with our Landlords and have asked them to agree to offer a reimbursement at the end of the tenancy for savings which they may have made on utility costs due to the property being vacated early by all tenants.

We’d like to thank any landlords that are already looking into this. 

Q. What if we have all left already?

A. If everyone in your property has left, please can you confirm the heating has been turned off and all electrical appliances unplugged? If you have not done this we will arrange to attend and complete this for you in order to ensure the utilities are as low as they can be, to ensure you will benefit as much as possible from the return of unused utilities. If you have left indefinitely, please refer to pages 26 and 27 of your Tenancy Guide for advice on moving out.

Get in touch.

If you'd like to talk to a member of the team or need any further support or guidance, you can get in touch via or

Most importantly - please stay safe everyone. 

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