What do we need to do when a housemate wants to leave?

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There are many reasons why tenancy agreements need to change, and people want to leave. We will do everything we can to support everyone during this time.

The first thing to remember is the tenancy agreement is joint and several in nature, which means all the terms in the tenancy agreement (including paying rent) apply to all of you jointly or if the Landlord so wishes to any one of you individually, this would not necessarily be one person.

We do however appreciate the nature of student lettings therefore we ask all our landlords to take a pragmatic approach to each person individually, including having a guarantor who is liable for one tenant and an equal share of the rent. However, they will only do this where it is evident everyone is working together to adhere to all terms of the tenancy agreement.

So, in the instance of a tenant not wishing to move in or continue with their tenancy agreement your landlord expects everyone including the tenant who wishes to be released to work together to find a new replacement. This is in everyone’s best interest to mitigate any financial loss or legal action.

Where we can help you prove to your Landlord everyone has made an effort to find someone; which includes returning the disclaimer (click to view), advertising the room on their own social media as well as in appropriate groups regularly, within the University notice boards and allowing Cloud to advertise the property; then we would expect your Landlord to be reasonable to you the remaining tenants, if there are consequences for any default on the agreement caused by the exiting tenant, most notably if there is non-payment of rent due.

If the tenancy has started and a replacement has not been found, the efforts to find a replacement would need to continue for the duration of the tenancy, which means a replacement tenant can move in at any time.

We must stress the importance of everyone working together. The remaining tenants need to work just as hard as the outgoing tenant to do everything they can to find a replacement. We feel and we’re sure you’ll agree that if you find a replacement, it is more likely to be someone you know and would like to live with. If we find a replacement tenant we will ensure they are a student and also put you in touch with the applicant before signing up. We would not unreasonably withhold a tenancy when it is in the best interest of mitigating any financial loss to you or the Landlord.

If you wish to discuss the above in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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