Working in unity, striving to improve housing in Lincoln for all of our community

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See how we're working with The University of Lincoln and Students' Union to ensure the best possible service for you

When we set out and created Cloud Lettings nearly a year ago we wanted to do things in a different way. We wanted to stand for something different and to stand out. In order to ensure sustainable and quality housing we have looked to work with key partners and engage with the community of Lincoln.

Ensuring the quality of all our student accommodation is top of our priorities, and we work with the University of Lincoln having all of our properties accredited by them to make sure they meet the evolving standards of safety and suitability for students to live in.

We also strongly support the work of the University of Lincoln Students’ Union, who have worked to engage with the local community and to ensure quality private housing for all students, as well as to help students make the right choices about where to live.

Since 2013 they have been putting together advice campaigns to help students when it comes to renting privately. Advice ranges from practical guides about what to ask and check for during viewings to a fun personality quiz to help you pick who you live with This all culminates in their handy Housing Handbook which you can find here

Most of this work to help you is based on annual research they carry out and is why we decided to help promote it over the past few months in the form of their accommodation survey; hopefully you filled it out and gave your opinion.

We can then work together to use the results to keep striving to improve housing in Lincoln for all in our community. It is only by working together like this that we will make Lincoln a stronger community in the years to come.

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