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Advice for students on viewing and reserving a property, paying deposits and rent, moving in and reporting maintenance issues.

Looking for your student property is an exciting time. It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, though, or you might have some questions about the admin side of things.

We’ve put together some answers to our most frequently asked questions, but we’re always on hand if there’s anything else you need to know. 


Download the latest version of our tenancy guide which is here to help you with all your accommodation needs.

How do we look round a place we’re interested in?

If you want to view a property, it’s a good idea if as many of your group as possible are there – you can look at up to three properties at a time. You can call us to arrange a viewing, or just click on the property you’d like to see.

What do we do when we find somewhere we like?

When you find a place you like, let us know and we’ll reserve it for you. It's free to reserve a property and we don't charge an application fee!

For more details see our Tenancy Fee's Information

What is included in a student property?

All our student properties are inclusive of utilities – water, gas, electric, TV license and internet. Utilities are subject to a fair usage policy as detailed in the Tenancy Agreement. 

They are fully furnished and will usually include:


  • Fridge Freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave
  • Oven and hob
  • Hoover


  • Sofa's
  • Selected properties will include a TV 


  • Bed & Mattress 
  • Wardrobe 
  • Drawers


You’ll need to pay a deposit on the tenancy start date.  The deposit is only £200 per person. 

Your deposit is held in a government approved deposit scheme 'Tenancy Deposit Scheme'. For more information click here.


You'll have the option to either pay your rent monthly or payments falling in line with your student loan. Or you can pay the full tenancy upfront. If you are on a joint tenancy you will need to decide as a group the best option for you. 

You are required to provide a guarantor to vouch for your rental payments. They must be in a position to pay the rent if you fail to do so. This is usually mum or dad or legal guardian.

How much utilities are included with my rent?

All our student properties are inclusive of utilities – water, gas, electric, TV license and internet. Sensible usage is expected, which means the water, gas and electric is capped on a per unit basis depending on the size of your property. All the details will be in your Tenancy Agreement. Or view your allowance here.

It’s easy to keep within your limit, we simply ask that you use the utilities as if you were paying the bill. 

What happens when it’s time to move in?

The property will be ready for you to move into on the tenancy start date. The keys will be available for you to collect from the office. You’ll receive an inventory of what’s in the house, and we’ll email you a welcome pack with all the information you need. 

Do I need insurance?

The Landlord will insure the structure of the building and the contents detailed on the inventory. 

It is your responsibility to cover your own personal contents and up to £2,500.00 for accidental damage to the Landlord's belongings. We recommend you compare policies online and check to see if you're covered by your parents home insurance as a dependent studying away from home. 

If you need any further advice, please contact us to discuss. 

What do we do if we have a maintenance issue?

To request a repair or to monitor the progress of maintenance request please log into your property portal. Please let us know about any issues straight away so we can get things sorted.

What to do in an emergency?

When the office is closed we operate an emergency out-of-hours call-out service. Please click the link below for the appropriate number to call Out of Hours Support

What do I do if I can smell gas?

If you suspect there is a gas leak in your property or area call the National Gas Emergency Services immediately on 0800 111 999. Then call the Cloud office 01522 802020. 

More information can be found here.

What happens if I want to be released from my Tenancy Agreement?

Each set of circumstances are reviewed on a case by case basis by your landlord. In most circumstances the landlord would be in a position to allow you to be released from the contract if you can find a replacement person to take over your place in the tenancy. We usually find where effort is made in advertising the property by you, your housemates and Cloud Lettings, most people in a similar position are successful in finding someone, but this is not guaranteed and if a replacement is not found you will remain liable under the terms of the signed tenancy agreement.

Should this circumstance arise, we would send a detailed document to all tenants which confirms you understand your obligations and confirms permission of all other tenants party to the agreement that they are in agreement for changes to be made to the tenancy. At the point a replacement is sourced there is a variation of contract or lettings fee due which will be confirmed to you in your Terms of Early release.

Living with your housemates

Please be considerate to your fellow tenants and allow them to enjoy their stay without having to endure excessive noise or antisocial behavior. If you need any guidance on how to deal with any domestic disputes please just get in touch. We have years of experience of house shares, and we’ve also been students ourselves, so can give you realistic advice on just about every issue.

How do I dispose of my household rubbish?

In Lincoln City, household waste goes in the black bin and recycling goes in the brown bin.

Please remember to take your bins out as instructed by the Council. To find your collection dates please click here. 

If you move in and find you are missing a bin please call the Council for a replacement bin 01522 873 423 or report here

If you find yourself with an excessive amount of rubbish it is easy for you to dispose of it locally. The Household Waste Recycling Centre can be found at Great Northern Terrace, Lincoln, LN5 8HJ

Fire Safety

Your property will be equipped with hard wired smoke detectors with a battery back up and on the day of move in you will be provided with a fire safety information. 

If you are unsure whether there is a fire, evacuate the building, call the fire brigade '999' and then call the Cloud office '01522 802020'

How do I check for an unexpected fault with a utility service

Click on the fault you are experiencing for more details of what's going on in your area. 

Electric Power Cut

Virgin Media Internet 


Can I put pictures up on the walls?

The Landlord would like the you to feel at home at the property, we understand this may mean you would like to put up pictures or photographs. In the majority of instances the Landlord is happy for you to put up items on the wall on the understanding that should any damage be caused, excessive blu tac marks, holes in the wall, etc. essentially any damages that affects the overall aesthetics of the room, you will rectify the damage before you leave. Remember the property will need to be returned in the same condition, taking into consideration fair wear and tear as noted on the inventory and schedule of condition prepared at the start of your tenancy.

Therefore if you wish to put up any items you should be prepared to fill in any holes and paint the room when you leave. Paint dulls over the year so it is unlikely patch painting will rectify any damage caused and the whole room will need painting. Please ensure if you take this task on yourself the work is done to a workman like standard ensuring there are no splash marks on any woodwork, ceiling, floor, furniture and that the paint is cut in appropriately. Alternatively a contractor can be employed to rectify the damage, generally the cost to paint one room is £70.00.

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