Pests In Rental Property

  • Posted On: 27 Jul 2021
Pest control and advice

You may find all of a sudden you have extra unwelcome visitors in your property, but please do not panic!


Firstly please ensure the property is kept clean and tidy, and there is no food waste including crumbs left anywhere. You will be able to purchase ant traps at a reasonable price from most shops or online, for example Amazon, Wilko, Home Bargains and B&M, follow the instructions on the pack, in a few days the ants should be gone.

Slugs and Snails:

You may not see a slug, but you may see the glistening trail they leave behind. These are harmless but better to stop them from coming into the property where we can. If you notice a trail, please try and find the beginning of it, there could be a hole or a small gap. This will be where they are creeping in from. When you find it, please try some powder or salt and let us know where the hole is so we can look into getting it blocked. 


Silverfish like damp places, so you will find them mostly in bathrooms & kitchens, around the sink area, these are harmless. Please ensure the bathrooms are well ventilated and extractor fans are working to make sure the room isn’t damp. You can purchase powders which can help get rid of them for up to 12 weeks at a time. 


We understand flies are annoying, especially in the height of summer, when they seem to appear everywhere. Please make sure that all bins are emptied on a regular basis and the property is clean and tidy with regular hoovering and wiping over the sides. You can get fly traps or fly spray from most shops if needed.


If you have any evidence of bigger pests, please notify the office. This includes holes in food packaging, droppings or if you are able to video/photo anything unusual for us. We can then get a Pest Control contractor to investigate further.

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