What To Do When Leaving Student Accommodation To Go Home

  • Posted On: 21 Oct 2021

if everyone is going home for few days or more it is important the last person to leave completes the below checklist;

1. check your heating controls:

- if you have a thermostat like this:  leave on AUTO - you do not need to make any changes to the thermostat as it set up automatically to come on at set intervals when you are not home

- if you have a different thermostat than the above that you can manually change, ensure to turn your thermostat off "timer" mode and set it to "on" with the temperature set to 12 degrees to prevent frost and burst pipes. (this will also save your utility allowance)

- if you don’t have a thermostat, turn the radiator control valves down to the lowest setting (most have a frost protection setting between "1" and "0") and leave the heating on

- turn your hot water temperature down to the lowest setting (but not off)

- if you cannot do any of the above, contact the office for advice.

2. empty your fridge of food that will go off while you're away 

you could consider donating any unwanted items to a food bank.

3. unplug appliances from the socket that will not be in use

please be sure the fridge freezer is empty and defrosted if turning off.

Turn off all lights before leaving.

4. ensure all rubbish is in the appropriate rubbish bin ready for collection

ask your neighbours if they will take the bins out for you while you are away, they shoudn't be left out on the street other than on collection day.

5. any rubbish and food waste that doesn’t fit in the bin must be taken away
You can take this back home with you for disposal or to the Household Recycling Centre on Great Northern Terrace.

you will come home to unwanted pests if rubbish is left out.

6. FINALLY close and lock all windows and doors

where possible, leave windows locked in the draught position to allow ventilation. make sure no valuables are left in plain view.

this is general advice and the fixtures and characterisitics of every property varies. if you are unsure what are the appropriate measures you should take before leaving, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


When you return home
  • If you leave the property for a significant amount of time you will need to run the taps and shower for 1-2 minutes when you return. This will help to reduce the risk of Legionella, which is more likely to form in stagnant or standing water in pipes.
  • Check your bolier pressure and top up if necessary.
  • Change your thermostat settings so you don't get cold.
  • Check any dark corners and behind furniture to make sure no mould has formed due to the lack of ventialtion. Contact us for advice if you find any as it is common for it to pop up if the property is not lived in for a couple of weeks.
  • If you unplugged your fridge/freezer make sure you plug it back in a few hours before you do your first food shop!
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