Can I put up posters and pictures?

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We all want you to feel at home in your lovely new space.

In the majority of instances the Landlord is happy for you to put items on one wall in each bedroom otherwise they will supply you with a notice board (or similar) which should be used instead.

If you want to put up posters and pictures in the property you must do this without causing any damage to the walls.

Our best advice is to use command strips. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes. You should use the strips that are the right weight for what you want to use. Ensure you follow the instructions especially when it comes to removing them. You must ensure you pull the strip down the wall so the strip really stretches, not straight up the wall or that will damage the wall.

Our advice does not guarantee the strips will not cause damage and if you're not sure or don’t want to take the risk you shouldn’t fix items to the wall.

If you do cause damage, you must be prepared to put the walls back to the same condition as they were before. This could mean filling and holes and painting the wall the same colour. Please don’t guess the colour or patch paint, contact us and we will help you. You should note that paint does fade over the year and you may need to paint the whole room. You don’t need to be a professional decorator, but you must ensure you don’t mark the floor, skirting, ceiling or fixtures and fittings when decorating and make sure you allocate at least a day for decorating.

The cost for a professional to decorate the walls in an average sized bedroom is around £100.00.

If you have any questions or queries at all please contact the office for our best advice!

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