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Boost Function on EPH Controls Thermostat

To be energy efficient please use the thermostat as instructed:

Managing Condensation

Condensation is water which collects as droplets on a surface from moisture or humidity.

Damp and Mould

Mould is caused by damp conditions. To find out the how to resolve damp and mould we will first look

Blocked drains

There are a number of DIY methods you can try to clear the blockage, we’ll talk you through what

Right to Rent

Agents and Landlords of properties throughout England are required to check that you have the right

Low Boiler Pressure

No heating?… No hot water?…Error F1…..First thing to check will be the boiler pressure…


Pest control and advice

Bins and Recycling

Waste collection support and links

Coronavirus Practical Precautions

Reducing the spread of the virus.

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